A Learning Community

A School Without Teachers

Where Sharing Is Learning

Peer To Peer Learning

Curiosity Driven

Manzil Is A Non-profit, Youth-Led Learning Center. Manzil is Providing A Supportive Community And Resources For Students To Empower Themselves. One Another Through Learning, Teaching, Creativity And Encouraging Each Other To See The World In New Ways

Our Essence

Discover & Nurture Passion

Self Evaluation & Confidence

Being A Learning Entrepreneur

Home-Like Learning Space

Exposures & Reflections

Students Are Teacher & Teacher Are Students

Alumni Form Core Leadership

Our Vision Is To Produce Good Human Beings By Believing In Our Students And All That They Are Capable Of.

Our Journey

The Initial Seeds Of Manzil Were Planted Two Decades Ago By a Family Who Wanted To Open Up Their Home And Heart For The Expanded Learning Of Government School Students From The Neighborhood.


Starting with a preschool in Kotla integrating slow learners founded by Dr. Geeta Chopra & Mrs. Indira Gulati


2 children in the neighborhood of Khan Market approached Ravi Gulati seeking help in Math


Officialy Registered As A Non-Profit


250+ Children Study, Teach, Learn And Follow Their Passion At Manzil


Academic Programs

Art in Education

An Important Result Of Manzil’s Empowerment Of Students Has Been That Manzil Today Is An Entirely Youth Led And Youth Driven Organisation.


Stories of Manzillions