Arts In Education

Arts in Education

Manzil’s Arts-in-Education program encourages creativity and self-expression through music, dance, theater, painting & craft and filmmaking groups. The groups are led by confident young teachers and volunteers, or our students, who live and breathe these arts. The classes nurture the development of confidence and a sense of community while students inspire one another and share their passions. Students are encouraged to initiate classes of their own, whether taking on the role of teacher or learner. In addition, Manzil fosters opportunities for the youth to express themselves outside of the classroom.

Music, in particular, has taken on a life of its own at Manzil. Our music students draw their influences from both East and West, fusing traditional Hindi music with contemporary Western genres. Many of these young learners had never played an instrument before arriving at Manzil, but have emerged from our programs as talented artists. Out of this group of students, two bands have formed.