Many students have rolled out their own initiatives for social change, including Manzil Mystics, which teaches life skills through music in government schools, and Learning By Locals, space where students can learn and express themselves, that is extending the Manzil experience to more than 100 children in a variety of places. Some former students have developed special collectives to conduct art, music and theatre workshops, whereas others have set up computer teaching infrastructures and computer systems for a other NGOs. These Manzillions have seeded ideas and ways of working in other social initiatives, integrating these groups into the Manzil family and showing the ‘There are no boundaries” philosophy of Manzil at work. We don’t have a full grasp of what all Manzillions are doing, and are constantly surprised by our discoveries. Over the years, no less than 5 music bands have emerged from our creative ecosystem in a organic manner. So have multiple theater groups, dance groups, an arts & crafts group, and a filmmaking group. We continue to organize interactions and discussions with these groups, led by confident young Manzillions who live for their art. Through nurturing their passions, while deftly balancing it with their livelihoods, these young people are role models for not only other students of Manzil but youth everywhere.