Manzil Utsav

As the word ‘Utsav’ denotes, this annual event is about celebrating the students of Manzil. During the utsav students show their tremendous talents for the Performing Arts including music, theater and dance in front of an audience of more than 700 people. An energetic team of Manzillions including students, teachers, volunteers and core team members come together to  prepare the entire show. Preparations begin 4 months in advance and continue with great fervour till the show begins. The run-up to Manzil Utsav is not just about the stage performances. It is also about Manzillizions learning the importance of decision making, self-discipline, team bonding, punctuality, attentive listening, and respecting each other.

Manzil’s Got Talent

Manzil’s Got Talent is another creative platform for Manzil’s students to showcase their talent. The objective of the platform is to enhance students’ capacity and enthusiasm for the Performing Arts including forms like poetry and mimicry. Any student who desires to present their work may do so thereby overcoming apprehensions around public speaking or being on stage. Such an opportunity allows students to assess their abilities, make mistakes and learn from them. The event is conducted annually.

Shaam -e- Shukriya

Sham-E- shukriya is one evening each year devoted to Manzil expressing its gratitude to all the people who devote their financial resources, time and skills to our programs. Many donors have been associated with Manzil for several years while others have joined us recently. This event is Manzil’s way of showing its deep appreciation for each donor. Sham- E – Shukriya is colorful and fun. It entails cultural performances by Manzil’s students and the sharing of personal stories of endurance, grit and success.  Donors get a chance to see the difference that their contribution is making in the lives of the young people associated with Manzil. All in all this is an evening to say our thank yous, an evening to connect, bond and celebrate highly cherished partnerships.