Manzil is always exploring how to expand the way we approach education and fulfill the needs of our dynamic youth. We recognize that young people are often starved of creative outlets, respectful communication and a place to ask questions. We choose to be the antidote to that system, encouraging students to live out their journey freely, with the support of our community

There isn’t always a formula for how we apply our values and principles — every story is different.


One of our students, for example, was fascinated with theater and couldn’t afford the high fees that often comes with good programs. But when Vir Das, a famous Indian comedian, came to town, we didn’t want that to stand in the way. We helped the 12-year-old student confidently approach Das to explain his situation and ask to attend at least one session. At first, Das was skeptical. But after seeing the student’s passion in action, he invited him to attend the rest of the two-week workshop, regardless of his ability to pay.


Another student had the opposite problem. Whenever the student was asked what he wanted to do with his career, the student refused to commit to any particular path or goal — making it hard for the Manzil team to help guide him forward. But patience and freedom prevailed. Just a few years later the student figured out exactly what he wanted to do and stuck to his decision — consistently powering through the challenges he faced.

These different trajectories among our students continue to teach the Manzil community just how many ways there are to learn and grow under the umbrella of our core philosophy.

A multi-method approach is followed at Manzil and learning is encouraged through various mediums. These include:

Ø  Regular classes on academic subjects and arts based pursuits

Ø  Workshops on topics ranging from dance therapy to mental health

Ø  Out-of-Delhi trips

Ø  In-house internships

Ø  Opportunity for studying in USA through the CCIP program 

Ø  Creating job opportunities 

Ø  Developing spaces for the expression of student creativity

Ø  Counselling for the provision of socio-emotional support