Learning Trips

Regular visits to places within Delhi like museums, the Trade Fair, National Science Center, World Book Fair, Educational fairs, Nehru Planetarium, the Zoo, etc. are arranged. Educational out-station trips are organized for groups of fifteen or so students at a time to give them an aperture into, and a feel of, the real India of the villages. Several such trips have been organized so far – for instance, to Kaimganj (Farukhabad, UP, where a progressive farmer who is also a qualified engineer is trying some interesting experiments in agriculture), to Kutch-Gujarat (where we went to do our bit for the 2001 Earthquake victims), to Ladakh in Jammu & Kashmir (where a local NGO with a complete solar campus organizes educational activities for students and teachers from all over Ladakh), to a tribal area in Madhya Pradesh (where we stayed in a novel local school and also with a farmer facing displacement due to the upcoming Narmada dam) etc.

These trips have been instrumental in providing insights bridging the gaps between textual information “taught” within the confines of syllabus and school, and the lived realities of flesh-and-blood people. This has often resulted in stimulating our young friends’ thought and action around issues that remain largely invisible or deliberately disconnected from our own lives and consciousness.