People at Manzil come from all walks of life, age groups and perspectives. They are singers, dancers, philosophers, filmmakers and researchers. But most importantly they are all on a quest for learning more about themselves and others.

Most of our learners are school students and are from a diverse range of family backgrounds. The majority come to us from the nearby Sujan Singh Park, a hard-working community of migrants who have made their way to Delhi in recent decades. Since many of these students are first-time school-goers, Manzil provides a haven for them to learn and explore their capacities outside of a formal structure. 

While our core team directs and leads our programs and classes, it is comprised entirely of our own students. Over the years Manzil has cultivated a foundation for learners to direct their own education and take part in an active community that grows together. Since many are from the same community as our first-time learners, there is an instant bond and depth of understanding inherent in their connection. In selecting our core team, we look for people with positive attitudes, empathy and curiosity — much more important than the qualifications and degrees they receive on paper!