Manzil is spread across three blocks within Sujan Singh Park (M-block, J-block and N-block), each geared towards enabling young minds to learn, discover and express themselves. During times preceding the Covid pandemic, the three blocks served unique purposes in furthering Manzil’s vision and goals. M-Block is divided into two main areas- one used primarily for the teaching of English, Maths and Science, while the other was used  as a library and as a place for members of the Manzil community to connect and converse with each other.  J-block is where computer classes were held in the afternoons and evenings. This is also where the core team of Manzil conducted weekly meetings. The latest addition to the space of Manzil is N-block.  N-block offers many exciting possibilities. Before Manzil shifted to a complete on-line mode, N-Block was being used for the creation of many new learning platforms. Several experimental classes were initiated there on storytelling, art and imagination, cooking and theatre. These now continue to take place virtually. Once the pandemic is over, we hope to create within N-block, a space for students to pursue leisure reading. As Ernest Miller Hemingway said “There is no friend, as loyal as a book.”