Online Volunteering Opportunities


At Manzil we believe learning is not linear, rather a process of evolution. We invite you to join our family and find your space here. There are a variety of opportunities requiring voluntary support and the scope to initiate a new project too.
The roles range widely from teaching forms of art to curriculum education and not limited to skill training. You can also volunteer in assisting with many technical aspects or share your vision with too. We have created the following volunteer JDs based on our requirements. So reach out if interested and let’s learn from one another.

Teacher Training

Digital Library Support

Digital Marketing

Proposal Writing

English Teaching

Financial Literacy Training

Newsletter Editing

Placement Training

Volunteer voice

“Empathy, care and feeling joy in sharing and giving. Being at manzil has made me more sensitive and appreciative of needs of others. I have been volunteering with Manzil for last five years”

Yasir Rizvi, Corporate banking

Volunteer voice

“Manzil is like a family- each day I interact with students who help me in discovering my own self just like I help them with their English. I feel Manzil has been a eye opening experience for me and a very beautiful memory as well!”

Khushi Nigam, Student

Volunteer voice

“Manzil has been instrumental in showing me how learning can be fun. It has taught me to shed inhibitions, take on new interests and give whatever I have – you never know how it may help someone else! “

Annanya Mahajan, Development Economics Researcher

Volunteer voice

“The students don’t expect the teacher to know everything.. for people at Manzil it’s about respecting others knowledge, learning, growing and having an open discussion.”

Nupur Khanna, Sustainability Specialist

Volunteer voice

“I understood that the satisfaction one derives out of simply giving your time and volunteering in such places as Manzil is unparalleled. It is always a rewarding experience. “

Harssh Bhatia , Law